Demand Curve: Characteristics, Shifters, and How it works


Throughout the years, goods and services have been exchanged in market with means of currency, things, and by all kinds of in ways. In order to measure the relationship between two or more items economist has introduced mechanism so called “demand curve and supply curve” to the market. However this article will discuss mainly on […]

Solar System: Earth-like and Jupiter-like planets


We all are well-aware of what country we live in and what surrounds our house.  But little do we know about our human home and the environment of which our home lies. As it is always fascinating to think about what our neighborhood around our house is like, why not we try to know better […]

Types of Law of Supply, Five Supply Curve Shifters


In a market, there are two main players so called “Buyer” and “Seller”. This article will mainly focus on Seller side or Supply side which is equally important as Demand to create a healthy economy. The reader will learn characteristics of supply curve and five main determinants that has impact on supply curve in the […]

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